DECATUR — A civil legal aid provider that serves Macon County was among  21 organizations granted a monetary award from the Illinois Equal Justice Foundation.

Land of Lincoln Legal Aid received a grant totaling $263,133. The majority of the grant, $213,133, will go toward providing low-income people living in 65 counties with representation on family, housing and consumer law cases. The remaining $50,000 will be used to serve low-income people in Central and Southern Illinois by providing legal advice, self-help materials, guidance on how to use the court system and referrals through a telephone hotline.

“No one should have to fight a complicated legal battle on their own. These grants help ensure that everyone, regardless of how much money they have, can access the legal protection they deserve,” said Joseph Torres, president of the Illinois Equal Justice Foundation. “By helping people stay in their homes, escape violent situations and protect their health and their families, civil legal aid ultimately makes our communities better places to live.”

The grants were made possible with funding from the state appropriation for civil legal aid through the Illinois Attorney General’s Office.