The IEJF administers grants funded by four distinct state appropriations.  See below for the most recent awards.

Civil legal aid grants
IL-AFLAN grants
New Leaf Illinois grants
Eviction Help IL grants

Call 855-452-3526 to speak to an attorney if you are a veteran, service member, national guard, reservist, spouse or dependent in need of civil legal aid.

Learn more about the IL AFLAN

New Leaf Illinois Logo

New Leaf Illinois is a network of 20 non-profit organizations throughout the state who provide legal representation and other resources to help individuals seeking to expunge cannabis convictions from their records.

Find Out if Your Case is Eligible

We need your support!  Individuals & organizations throughout Illinois help us build a larger & more stable base of state funding for legal aid.  Learn how you can help.


Congrats to IEJF Board Member Viviana Martinez who won her primary for judge of the 14th Judicial Subcircuit of Cook County!

We're excited to share a new #EvictionHelpIL video! In just sixty seconds, people can learn all about the program and how to get help with their housing issue. Please share this video with members of your community. https://vimeo.com/724298633

The tight market and skyrocketing rents are making it even tougher for those who have always struggled to find housing. https://bit.ly/3nmb3of

We're recapping our Annual Meeting event, sharing our latest IL-AFLAN & #NewLeafIllinois grant awards, unveiling a new #EvictionHelpIl video, and remembering an Illinois legal aid leader. Check out our June newsletter - https://bit.ly/3u8rVTj

The overturning of #RoeVsWade will most negatively impact marginalized people, particularly communities of color who struggle to get health care & basic needs. The IEJF continues to support legal aid orgs that help people increase their economic security & improve their lives.

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