Grants 2007

The IEJF grant budget for fiscal year 2007 was $3,325,000. Over the course of the year, the IEJF was able to award an additional $30,000 in grants due to investment income. The grant total as of June 30, 2007 was $3,355,000.

Cabrini Green Legal Aid Clinic ($60,000)

To assist hundreds of low-income people with their family law problems ($30,000);

To assist individuals wishing to expunge arrest records and/or seal non-violent, misdemeanor convictions in order to obtain employment and economic self-sufficiency ($30,000).

Casa Aztlan ($30,000)

To establish the Aztlan Legal Information Center to serve the civil legal information needs of the low-income Latino community in Pilsen.

Catholic Charities ($10,000)

To expand the Legal Assistance and Resource Center’s telephone legal advice and referral service for low-income people with civil legal issues.

Center for Conflict Resolution ($142,500)

To assist thousands of people throughout Cook County in resolving a wide array of disputes through mediation ($135,000);

To plan, in partnership with the Center for Analysis of Alternative Dispute Resolution Systems, a statewide initiative for the development of mediation programs outside of Cook County that serve the needs of low-income residents ($7,500).

Chicago Coalition for the Homeless ($15,000)

To provide outreach and legal information on education rights to homeless parents, youth and children.

Chicago Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, Inc. ($30,000)

To support pro se guidance in employment discrimination settlement conferences via the Settlement Appointment Program in federal court.

Chicago Legal Clinic ($94,150)

To provide education, resources and referrals for Cook County residents faced with foreclosure proceedings at an Advice Desk in the Cook County Circuit Court ($69,150);

To provide legal representation on family law matters to Latina victims of domestic violence in the South Chicago community ($25,000).

Chicago Volunteer Legal Services ($100,000)

To protect hundreds of children by serving as Guardian Ad Litem in Cook County probate guardianship cases ($50,000);

To support the Access to Justice Program in its appointed representation of low-income families facing foreclosure, subsidized housing eviction and other Chancery Court matters at the Richard J. Daley Center ($50,000).

Coordinated Advice & Referral Program for Legal Services ($298,500)

To help thousands of low-income people in Cook County by providing legal advice, self-help materials, guidance on how to use the court system and referrals through a telephone hotline ($263,500);

To assist unrepresented parties with advice, information and form preparation at the Domestic Relations Self-Help Desk ($35,000) and at the Collections Self-Help Desk ($35,000) in the Cook County Circuit Court.

DePaul College of Law Asylum & Immigration Clinic ($10,000)

To support the Legal Resources Project For Immigrant Services Providers plans to identify the most effective means of delivering legal information to low-income immigrants and refugees through its network of local community-based organization partners.

Equip for Equality ($135,000)
Chicago, Rock Island, Carbondale & Springfield

To provide legal information on the American with Disabilities Act, special education and guardianship to people with disabilities across the state through the Training Institute ($65,000);

To provide legal advice, information and referrals on Special Education legal issues via a telephone helpline ($70,000).

Illinois Coalition for Equal Justice ($1,500)

To support the convening of a conference dedicated to diversifying pro bono options in downstate communities with the goal of increasing pro bono participation and client service in those regions.

Illinois Legal Aid Online ($204,250)

To support a Statewide Virtual Self-Help Center that provides Illinois residents with user-friendly online legal resources and interactive forms to help them better resolve their legal problems and which coordinates, supports and provides technical assistance to self-help and legal information projects across the state.

Immigration Project ($50,000)
Granite City

To support monthly legal information and advice clinics in nine downstate communities with large immigration populations.

Kankakee Center for Conflict Resolution of the Victims Assistance Center ($37,500)

To assist people throughout Kankakee County in resolving a wide array of disputes through mediation ($37,500).

Land of Lincoln Legal Assistance Foundation ($749,000)
Alton, Champaign, East St. Louis, Carbondale and Springfield

To serve thousands of low-income people in 65 counties in central and southern Illinois by providing legal advice, self-help materials, guidance on how to use the court system and referrals through a telephone hotline ($260,000);

To help elderly people in 25 counties in central and southern Illinois by providing legal assistance for elder abuse and neglect, guardianship, health and long-term care issues and consumer matters through senior centers, nursing homes and home visits ($50,000);

To provide low-income people in 65 counties with representation on family and housing law cases ($370,000);

To provide information and assistance to low-income people with landlord/tenant issues in Madison, Morgan and Sangamon County Circuit Courts and to provide instruction on divorce to self-represented litigants in the southern and eastern regions of the state ($9,000);

To coordinate legal information centers in the Madison and Sangamon County Circuit Courts and to develop similar centers in Macon & Jefferson County ($60,000).

Lawyers’ Committee for Better Housing  ($17,000)

To support a Pro Bono Coordinator and a Legal Assistant position to increase and improve pro bono representation of low-income defendants facing eviction and other housing matters.

Legal Aid Bureau of Metropolitan Family Services ($90,000)

To protect and support families on the south side of Chicago in which grandparents are assuming full-time parenting roles and to protect seniors abused by guardians and caregivers ($58,000);

To support an attorney position to provide legal advice, information and representation on housing and consumer issues to low-income people served by the Calumet and Midway service offices ($32,000).

Legal Assistance Foundation of Metropolitan Chicago ($326,000)

To support the Pro Se Divorce Clinic, a series of classes taught in English and Spanish to guide low-income people to represent themselves in uncontested divorces ($17,500);

To support a bilingual domestic violence/family law attorney in the Northwest Chicago Office to focus on the needs of Latina immigrant families ($30,000);

To protect elderly people throughout Cook County against consumer fraud by providing information and legal assistance ($55,000);

To help low-income families with housing legal issues in the south suburbs ($45,000);

To help victims of domestic violence in 22 western Cook County suburbs by providing information, advice and legal assistance ($45,000);

To provide legal assistance on family and housing issues to families in the north and northwest suburbs of Cook County ($33,500);

To provide legal representation for public housing tenants affected by the Chicago Housing Authority’s Plan for Transformation ($45,000); and

To provide legal services to families victimized by rescue fraud via the Home Ownership Preservation Project ($55,000).

Life Span Center for Legal Services ($50,000)

To provide domestic violence and family law assistance to battered immigrant women in Jefferson Park.

Midwest Center for Law and the Deaf  ($15,000)

To produce video/web-friendly content in American Sign Language to help deaf and hard of hearing people use the court system more effectively.

National Immigrant Justice Center ($50,000)
Chicago, Berwyn, Waukegan

To educate immigrants on consumer and immigration issues in partnership with Instituto del Progresso Latino.

Prairie State Legal Services ($648,300)
Carol Stream, Waukegan, Galesburg, Peoria, Ottawa, Batavia and St. Charles

To serve thousands of low-income people in 35 counties in northern and central Illinois by providing legal advice, self-help materials, guidance on how to use the court system and referrals through a telephone hotline ($260,000);

To provide representation to victims of domestic violence and families in crisis, families with housing emergencies,  victims of consumer fraud and senior citizens in northern and western Illinois ($325,000):

To assist in the development of Legal Information Centers in courthouses in Kankakee, McLean and Winnebago counties ($63,300).

Pro Bono Center for Disability and Elder Law ($30,000)

To support Pro Bono Coordinator positions to provide legal services to elderly people in Chicago.

Sargent Shriver National Center on Poverty Law ($30,000)

To educate domestic violence survivors, social service providers and landlords on the provisions of the Illinois Safe Homes Act, which takes effect January 2007.

Southern Illinois University School of Law Foundation ($39,300)

To help low-income families and children resolve custody and visitation issues by providing mediation services through its Alternative Dispute Resolution Clinic in nine counties in the First Judicial Circuit ($21,750);

To serve thousands of people in southern Illinois by providing access to legal information by mail, via the internet and a community outpost ($16,350); and

To educate immigrants on their legal rights via a program at the Ullin Tri-County Detention Center and via naturalization classes in the Carbondale community ($1,200).

Will County Legal Assistance Program ($50,000)

To support victims of domestic violence in Will County by providing comprehensive legal services to facilitate permanent escape from abuse ($25,000);

To provide representation to families in housing crisis and to low-income people impacted by consumer fraud ($25,000).