Grants 2022

Eviction Mitigation Pilot Project  | FY 22 Grant List

With funding from the Illinois Department of Human Services, the Illinois Equal Justice Foundation awarded $2.8 million in grants to 11 nonprofit organizations to provide legal information, advice, representation and mediation services to Illinoisans impacted by the threat of eviction due to the COVID 19 pandemic via Eviction Help Illinois. Funds were also awarded to maintain technological access channels for user-friendly service delivery.  Eviction Help Illinois services can be accessed by phone, text or virtual assistant.

Civil Legal Assistance Grants ($2,105,000)

Catholic Charities Legal Aid ($50,000)

To provide legal representation on eviction matters in Cook and Lake County as well as advice services across the state.

Land of Lincoln Legal Aid ($975,000)

To provide legal information, advice and representation on housing matters throughout 65 central and southern Illinois counties.

North Suburban Legal Aid Clinic ($75,000)

To provide legal aid to residents of Lake and Cook County impacted by eviction.

Prairie State Legal Services ($975,000)

To provide legal information, advice and representation on housing matters throughout 36 northern and central Illinois counties.

University YMCA New Americans Welcome Center ($30,000)

To provide legal information, advice and representation to program participants facing eviction in Champaign.

Mediation Grants ($575,000)

Center for Conflict Resolution ($50,000)

To train mediators across Illinois to mediate cases in downstate jurisdictions.

Dispute Resolution Institute ($375,000)

To work with the First, Third and/or Twentieth Judicial Circuits to develop eviction mediation programs and to serve as the payment center for mediators helping to resolve disputes between tenants and landlords in grant-funded mediation programs.

Resolution Systems Institute ($150,000)

To support the Sixteenth Judicial Circuit eviction mediation program and to work with the 17th, 18th and/or 21st Judicial circuits to develop virtual eviction mediation programs.

Technological Service Delivery Solutions ($120,000)

Coordinated Advice & Referral Program for Legal Services (CARPLS) ($40,000)

To maintain a Virtual Assistant/Chatbot to connect people in eviction crisis to legal information, rental assistance and legal aid and mediation programs across Illinois; to maintain the technology to connect three regional legal aid hotlines; and to maintain a website to house all the access channels for Eviction Help Illinois services.

Illinois Legal Aid Online ($30,000)

To maintain an SMS text access channel that will direct users in English and Spanish who need legal representation to the organization’s Online Triage Intake System (OTIS) to apply for help electronically and to expand OTIS to include all Eviction Help IL civil legal aid grantees.

Lawyers Committee for Better Housing ($50,000)

To expand Rentervention, a virtual assistant/chatbot to include all of Cook County in English and Spanish.


Eviction Help Illinois

For more information contact:
Leslie Corbett, Executive Director
IL Equal Justice Foundation