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IEJF Fact Sheet
IEJF Fact Sheet


Reinstate Funding for Civil Legal Aid

Unlike in criminal matters, the Constitution does not guarantee legal assistance in civil cases, and tens of thousands of Illinoisans cannot afford the help they need when facing potentially life-changing situations.

  • Civil legal aid helps ensure fairness for all in the justice system, regardless of how much money they have.

The justice system is a powerful tool for stopping devastating events.

Legal aid organizations resolve major crises like:

  • Families losing their homes and ending up on the streets
  • Women and children trapped in violent relationships
  • Elderly homeowners scammed by predatory contractors
  • Veterans inability to access their benefits

The Illinois Equal Justice Foundation funds nonprofit civil legal aid programs across Illinois, ensuring that all residents, regardless of income, have equal access to the justice system.

Since 2001, the IEJF has awarded $23.3 million in state-funded grants to nonprofit organizations assisting over 560,000 families, seniors and veterans impacted by domestic violence, foreclosure, loss of veterans’ benefits and consumer fraud.

The Illinois Equal Justice Foundation’s civil legal aid appropriation was not included in the stopgap budget—meaning these services that help keep low-income families and seniors housed, safe and economically independent are in jeopardy.

Reinstate Funding for Civil Legal Aid. Please support Attorney General Lisa Madigan’s budget request for the Illinois Equal Justice Foundation.

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