The Illinois Equal Justice Foundation funds programs that are broad in reach and scope.


To view guidelines for fiscal year 2019, please click here.  These grants will be funded by the state appropriation for civil legal aid and a portion of the consumer settlement funds awarded to the IEJF by Attorney General Madigan in FY 16.


Applications are available for the FY 19 grant cycle.  Applications are due August 15, 2018.   Click here to learn more about submitting an application via the IEJF’s  online portal.  Check out the funding categories here.


Mid-year and final reports will now be submitted via the IEJF online portal.  Click HERE to learn more about current reports due.

Grant Recipients

See the IEJF’s 2019 Grants List for grants funded via the state appropriation for civil legal aid.  See Consumer Fund Grants for 2019 grants funded through settlement funds awarded by Attorney Lisa Madigan.  Check out  IL Armed Forces Legal Aid Network grants as well.