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In fiscal year 2020, the IEJF awarded grants totaling $1,330,106 to 21 non-profit organizations providing civil legal aid services across Illinois.  Click here to see the grant list.

Click here to see the most recent IL-AFLAN grant awards.

Call 855-452-3526 to speak to an attorney if you are a veteran, service member, national guard, reservist, spouse or dependent in need of civil legal aid.

We need your support!  Individuals & organizations throughout Illinois help us build a larger & more stable base of state funding for legal aid.  Learn how you can help.

Message of the Week:

Like preventative health care, civil legal aid addresses problems early to keep them from escalating and saves taxpayers money.

The IEJF is excited to announce its Board of Directors for FY2020. We're grateful to these business and community leaders for lending their expertise to our mission of advancing fairness in our justice system for ALL Illinoisans. https://t.co/07tRPrRLAR

The IEJF is proud to announce $1.3 M in legal aid grants for FY 2020. "These grants help ensure that everyone, regardless of how much money they have, can access the legal protection they deserve,” said Joseph Torres, IEJF board president. “ https://t.co/nu8T4IkQCd

"Millions of Americans are forced from their homes every year. Evictions are usually considered in economic terms -- an outcome of housing supply and income levels -- but what about their physical and emotional impact?" @NewsHour https://t.co/zk8NgmkId0

After Sergio, a teen, was arrested for battery, he and his mother came to @CCR_Mediate for mediation. Through the mediation, both Sergio and his mom opened up about their feelings and fears - and were able to find common ground. https://t.co/p7dnFlat3U

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